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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Troy Bowling - Scratchoff Lotto Winner Twice Lucky In March 2010

Troy Bowling - Scratchoff Lotto WinnerHaving a heart attack is dangerous; it could take your life. That's why people that survive heart attacks are lucky. Troy Bowling had a heart attack in March of 2010 and he was lucky enough to survive it. Then, just two weeks later, while recovering, he bought a scratchoff lotto ticket from Hoosier Lottery called 20X The Money. He got lucky again. Troy won $150,000. He was twice lucky in March of 2010!
Sometimes it takes a near-death experience to realize that life is short. You might not have the time to do everything that you want to in life because life could be cut short at any moment. People that have been close to dying realize this and many of them take advantage of whatever time they have left and actually do the things that they want to do.
Troy Bowling is one of the guys that realized that life is short. That's why he plans to use the money to do what he had always wanted to do - Troy plans to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle and ride it to Alaska with a friend this summer.
At the time of his win, Troy Bowling was living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You know what the distance is from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Juneau, Alaska? 3219 miles. That's a trip that would require 60 hours, 56 minutes of total driving time. That'll be an awesome road trip!

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Frank Proud - Easy Pick Lotto Winner Gives Tip To Retailer

Frank Proud - Tip To Lotto RetailerA lot of people buy their lottery tickets from one lotto retailer. They keep buying from the same store. Often, they will tell the retailer that if they win the jackpot, they will come back and give him a tip. Do you do this? Are you the type of person that would come back and give the lotto retailer a tip if you won big? How much would you give? Did you know that if a big jackpot is won, the store that sold the ticket would get a nice commission for selling it? Would this info change your mind about giving a tip?

Frank Proud is one of those guys that always bought his lottery tickets from the same store. The clerk would always joke that, if he won, he would need to come back and buy her a pack of gum. Then he did win. In April of 2010, Frank bought $6 worth of Easy Pick Powerball tickets. One of them won $1 million. The very first thing he did was he went back to the store and asked the retailer to pick out a pack of gum for herself. He paid for it with a one hundred dollar bill and told her to keep the change. Nice tip!

$100 is not too bad. However, had Frank Proud won an even bigger jackpot like, say, $100 million, he would have to give her a lot more than $100. Otherwise, he would just look really cheap.

At the time of his win, Frank Proud was living in Durbin, West Virginia, with his wife, Patricia. Frank was working as a certified public accountant and Patricia was a retired bed-and-breakfast operator. When asked what they planned to do with the money, they said that they'd probably buy a new car. Other than that, they didn't really know what else they would be doing with the money.

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Lottery Winner Jennifer Sabia To Build House In Vermont

Jennifer Sabia - Lottery WinnerJennifer Sabia and her husband, Joe, live in Naugatuck, Connecticut. Retirement is in their near future and they plan to build a house in Vermont, where they would spend their retirement years. However, building that house was still a while away.

It's good to have dreams and goals for the future. However, sometimes those dreams could quickly change. That was the case for Jennifer Sabia in April of 2010. That's when she stopped into the 7-11 to pick up an instant scratch lotto ticket. She bought a game called $100,000,000 Diamond Mine. To win a prize in that game, you must scratch the playing surface and have one of your numbers match one of the winning numbers to win the prize shown. Here's what Jennifer said happened when she scratched: "When I saw the pair of 29's and $200,000 prize on the ticket I thought... no way!" Ya, Jennifer was a new lottery winner! That lottery money is what changed her dreams about building the house in Vermont; she and her husband will now be able to do it sooner rather than later!

Jennifer Sabia believes that everything happens for a reason. The day she won the lottery, she was on her way to do some grocery shopping. While on her way to the grocery store, she realized that she forgot her check-book. So she went back home to get it. While heading home, she stopped at the 7-11 to pick up a lottery ticket. That's when she won the $200,000. If she did not forget her check-book that day, she would not have won the lottery. That was the reason that she forgot her check-book that day - She was destined to win the lottery!

Aside from building her new house in Vermont, Jennifer Sabia also plans to invest some of the money in her grandchildren's education.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Robert And Susan McIntosh - Lottery Winners' Dogs Are Best In Show

Robert and Susan McIntosh - Best In ShowRobert and Susan McIntosh love their Akita Dogs. They love them so much that they enter them into shows. They actually have a puppy that has won the "Best In Show" prize. They'd love to get more dogs and enter them into more shows, but that takes a lot of time, especially since Robert works full-time as an engineer and is often away from home.

If only Robert and Susan McIntosh could win the lottery; they would have more time to spend with their dogs. Their dreams have actually been answered; Robert won £4.4 million in the Lotto draw on April 17, 2010. That works out to $6,799,944 USD. Now they plan to do just that - They plan to get more dogs, spend more time with them, and enter them into more shows. They're gonna live the life!

Winning the lottery has been a whirlwind for this UK couple. In fact, a week after winning, it was Susan's birthday. And, with all the excitement surrounding the lottery win, Robert totally forgot to buy her a birthday present. I think Susan will forgive him, given the circumstances - But it better not happen again!

What else do Robert And Susan McIntosh plan to do with their new-found wealth? They plan on getting a new car and a new house. They also want to share with family and friends. The couples' youngest daughter will also get a trip to Florida as it had always been a dream of hers to visit the sunshine state.

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Iowa Powerball Power Play Winner David Lyons

David Lyons - Iowa Powerball WinnerDavid Lyons is the latest Iowa Powerball Power Play winner. He won $1 million. He bought his winning ticket at the Short Stop store in Ankeny, Iowa (Just outside of Des Moines), where he usually buys his tickets. That was for a Powerball drawing in late March. However, he didn't claim his prize until early April.

In the few days that it took him to claim his prize, the rumor mill in Ankeny, Iowa went off the charts. The store knew that they had sold the winning million dollar ticket and correctly figured out that it was David that had bought it. They told someone and that someone told someone else until everybody was talking about it. It's hard to keep a secret like winning a million dollars!

David Lyons was actually a big-time lottery player. He normally bought over $50 worth of tickets every week. That's a lot of money to be spending on lottery tickets. But, alas, his big payoff finally came!

At the time of his win, David Lyons was 60-years-old and working the night-shift at Wal-Mart, where his job was to stock shelves. He said that he would remain working at Wal-Mart, at least for the time-being.

When asked what his plans were now that he had won $1 million, David replied, "I haven't really though about it. I still don't really believe that I won. But I guess I have!"

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Robert Boehm Puts Winning Lottery Ticket In An Envelope Marked As Such

Robert Boehm - Winning Lottery Ticket In EnvelopeWhen you win the lottery, what are you going to do with the winning ticket? My guess is that you will hide it until you go to claim your prize; you definitely won't advertise to the world that you're a big winner until you get your prize, right?

That's why I had a good laugh when I heard what Robert Boehm did with his winning ticket. He put it in an envelope marked "WINNING LOTTERY TICKET." Funny! He probably should have also bought a t-shirt that read, "Lottery Winner." Maybe he could have even put a "Lottery Winner" sticker on the back windshield of his car. That way, everybody would know!

Robert Boehm won $1 million in Mega Millions in April of 2010 by matching the first five numbers. Normally, that would win a prize of $250,000. But Robert spent an extra dollar when he purchased his ticket to pay for the Megaplier option, which turned the $250,000 into $1 million.

Another funny part of Robert Boehm's story is when he found out that he was a winner. He gave his Mega Millions tickets to a store clerk to have them checked. When she checked them, she told him that they don't have enough money to pay out his prize (Obviously, because it was a million dollars). She then asked him to guess how much he won. Robert figured that it was a few thousand dollars. Boy, was he ever off on his estimate! Robert was off by almost a million dollars!

At the time of his win, Robert Boehm was 60-years-old and living in Denison, Iowa. He worked a job that required him to work long hours hauling fertilizer.

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Marquis Mitchell - Retired Atlanta Fire Department Chief Wins Lottery

Marquis Mitchell - Atlanta Fire ChiefMarquis Mitchell worked for the Atlanta Fire Department for more than thirty years. He served as the Atlanta Fire Department Chief from 1994 to 1998, when he retired. That means that for more than 30 years, he adhered to the fire department's mission statement - To prevent or mitigate harm to life, property and the environment. He helped the community for a long time and now it was time for the community to give back to him. And, they did - Marquis won the lottery!

Marquis Mitchell won $231,812 playing Georgia Lottery's Fantasy 5 game in April of 2010. To play Fantasy 5, you need to choose 5 numbers out of a possible 39. To win the jackpot, you must match all 5 numbers. The odds of doing so are 1-in-575,757. Marquis beat the odds to win the jackpot!

Marquis Mitchell found out that he won when he called Georgia Lottery's hotline to check his numbers. They all matched and he could not believe it. So he double-checked them online. Sure enough, he was a big winner. That's when he woke up his sleeping wife to tell her the good news: "I was so happy, I woke my wife up. She jumped out of bed and started running around. I had to calm her down!"

At the time of his win, Marquis was 59-year-old and living in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Ida. The couple have three adult children and six grandchildren. Marquis said that he planned to use the money to pay off some bills and to buy a new fishing boat.

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